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Down the Rabbit Hole

Isn't it's mind-boggling trying to find things on the internet? The amount of information out there is so monumentous that it's actually daunting and sometimes very scary. You want the best advice, the best service but you're bamboozled with hundred of websites that will take you down that rabbit hole, straight into a warren that you may never get out of. 

So a few years ago I came out of my cave, realised if I wanted more success with my writing I needed help and so I went in search. As I predicted there were so many individuals and companies that promised to edit my work perfectly, if I would just send on my manuscript and the required fee. After endless hours of searching and scrutinising I chose a reputable company. The feedback that came back was good and helped me clarify where I was, what I needed to do...but there was something missing, something that I just couldn't put my finger on so when I was ready to get more feedback I went searching again. The second company I went with was even more reputable...well they charged higher prices and only took on the projects they believed had potential (or so they said). So I went with it, paid my money, asked for a specific editor to look at a particular book I had completed. The company wrote back suggesting a different editor, one who had written and published a YA novel, just as I had, but who didn't seem to have any experience in this new area that I was experimenting in. I was annoyed. E-mailed back, suggested two different editors. Neither were available. The talents of their chosen editor was repeated. She was indeed a talented lady but not in the area I was looking at. So I said no. 

I was feeling pretty dejected as I rode off into the sunset, dreading the thought of hours on the internet again and another possible dead end. But you know what they say, third time always lucky, and so within a very short time I had clicked on Jericho Writers 

This website grabbed my attention immediately, it was so unlike the other organisations that just offered editorial services it was actually a community of writers that I could be part of. (As a mother of eight young kids I don't have a lot of time to be part of a writer's group so this online group was perfect for me.) It also offered sooooo much advice,  along with their editors room which has an impressive list of editors, writers, illustrators and industry people, to help with your project they also host events, give tutored courses, video courses, masterclasses, interviews and a whole lot more. Some of this information is free to all, the rest is for a small monthly fee. I'm sure if you check out Jericho Writers you'll see the value, as I did, in joining.  

What a relief to be part of a community of like-minded people, to be part of an organisation that's not just after your money but actually care about you, wants to teach and advise and guide and nurture you. What a relief to be part of an organisation that gives so much so freely. What a relief to be home. 

Jericho Writers had offered free writing advice to people who gave feedback on their services. I don't have a lot of 'me' time and what I have is very precious, but I'm happy to do this as I believe it is a fantastic community and an excellent organisation. Why not pop on over and see for yourself?