The Winding Road

I know it's

I know it's been a while since I've written and I've rounded a few bends on this winding road since then. I've also picked up another passenger, yes our seventh baby Cúán arrived safely some months ago. While away I've written a lot but I've also had the opportunity to visit lots of schools and groups around the country so I've decided to do a series of videos full of creative writing tips which I've picked up along my way. I hope that they motivate, inspire, educate, help you on your journey (or at the very least make you laugh!)

My New New Year's Resolution!

I know, I know it's only November, for once I'm ahead of myself but I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that any future blogs will be very short and will have some sort of media attatched (once I figure out how to add them) and hopefully won't be all about me (Yippee!)

You must admit though that last blog made up for all the months of waiting (word wise anyway) I'm sure you've had enough of me for another few months!

No Media attatched. That resolution only starts from when I post this one.

Guess Who?

Bet you thought I'd up and left for good? Sorry you're not so lucky because yes I'm back all over again. I wasn't wasn't supposed to be writing this because I am supposed to be doing the legitimate writing whenever I get a minute but I had written a piece regarding a discussion on YA Lit I was part of and thought I would share it. So here it is...

No Excuses!

I've run out of excuses, so lets just skip over the whys of why I haven't written in ages and just get down to the important stuff like did you know that magnetic north has shifted and north really isn't north any more??? Interesting eh? Or that Jupiter's magnetic field is so massive that it pours billions of Watts into Earths magnetic field every day? Or that BROADWAY'S NOT JUST FOR GAYS ANYMORE ?

Did you miss me?

Yes, I know it's been a while but I've had a good excuse, I've been to the west, Lahinch in Co. Clare to be more specific. We set out very (very) late last Wednesday and arrived in Lahinch very early on Thursday morning (sorry Johnny). But boy did we get the best of the weather. Brings me back to the good old days? Wasn't there a Summer or two in the 80's that was really fab??

I'm Back!!!!

OK so when I originally tried to set up my blog it took forever and for some strange reason, maybe down to tiredness or fedupness or something, I gave up (which is actually surprising because I am not a giverupper) Then surprise, surprise someone found my blogspot this week and sent me the link (thanks Elaina). So I'm Back and not nearly as tired as when I left the last time. x


I know this was supposed to be quick and easy, I know it's laid out step by step and I know it's childsplay to most people but oh my God this has taken me forever to set up. This being my blog, or my feeble attempt at a blog...o.k. maybe it didn't quite take forever but it took nearly forever. I blaming the set up on my even more feeble attempts at a first post. But here I am at last, a little tired, a little triumphant (I have succeeded in spite of all this technology) and a little further along the winding road!!